Want to collect?

You can do (a partial list): Hire a search service to confirm
the debtor's real property. Compare to the Debtor's
financial statement. Think fraudulent conveyances. Search
Plaintiff's and Defendant's indexes in court (federal and
state) to locate suits and judgement to encumber. Record
abstracts area wide and upon the search record more
abstracts. Buy a title report to confirm ownership and
proper title name. File the J-1 with the Secretary of State.
Re-do the search through the Secretary of State to insure
that the debtor did not re-incorporate the business. March
out an OEX. Create a lien, when served, on the debtor's
assets. Your alternative is post judgement interrogatories
and document request. Levy on the bank accounts. Chances
are the client has the information in the file. Punch up the
internet. Amazing what information the debtor will post on
a website. Execute on accounts, contract rights and monies
due from third parties. If a corporate debtor, levy on the
principals. Try a motion for assignment or receiver. Debtor
has a partnership interest? Charging orders are the key.
Debtor doing business with a government entity? Watch for
unusual rules. Try a keeper. Confirm ownership through the
SBE. Is this your cup of tea? No?
Call us.